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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions to who can hire to drive the van?
Drivers must be at least 25 years of age and have had a driving licence for 2 years or more.

What must I bring with me when I collect my van?
The valid and original card part (the paper counterpart is no longer valid) of your driving licence along with one further form of identification, such as utility bill or bank statement for proof of address dated in the last 6 months. You must also bring your National Insurance number so we can check your points on the DVLA website.

What happens if I have lost my drivers licence?
We can perform a DVLA check on the date of the hire to confirm you have a valid licence for an additional fee, which will be added to the cost of your hire.

Can I hire with convictions on my licence?
You can rent a van as long as you have no more than 6 penalty points on your licence for minor offences, such as speeding offences and that you have none of the following codes for convictions in the past 5 years:
If you have more than 6 points and/or any of the stated conviction codes on your licence, please contact us so we can confirm with our insurers that you may hire the van.

What insurance is included in with my hire?
All of our vans are fully insured and meet all of the minimum requirements under the Road Traffic Act. Under our terms and conditions of hire you are responsible for our insurance excess of £750 if the van is damaged whilst in your control.

Can I reduce the amount I pay if the van is damaged whilst in my control?
Yes, you can reduce the insurance excess to £250 for an additional £10 per booking.

How can I pay for my hire?
We accept cash and the debit or credit cards listed below.

Will I have to pay a deposit?
We take a deposit of £10 at the time of booking to secure your Van but we do not hold a deposit whilst you have the van.

Can I travel outside of the United Kingdom?
Unfortunately, you can no longer travel outside of the UK with our vehicles.

Is there a limit to the number of miles that I can do in the van?
We do not apply any mileage restrictions to your hire.

How many people can drive the van?
The price quoted includes insurance cover for one driver but you can include additional drivers for an extra £5 per driver.

How much fuel will be provided?
The vans will have varying levels of fuel in but you will be expected to return the van with the same amount of fuel as when you collected it. Failure to do this will result in a further charge to cover the difference.

Can I return my van early?
Of course, we are happy for the van to be returned at any time before the end of your agreed hire time but we regret that we are unable to refund any of the unused hire time.

What happens if I return the van late?
Unfortunately a charge will be payable for the additional time for any vans that are returned after the agreed hire time unless approved by the management beforehand.

What happens if my van unexpectedly breaks down?
Please call us on our 24 hour telephone number in order that we can organise to collect you and your van safely.

What happens if I incur a parking ticket, speeding fine or any other penalty?
As the driver, you are responsible for the cost of all penalties incurred, whilst the van is on hire to you.

What do I do if the van is involved in an accident or the van is stolen or damaged?
In the event of an Incident (e.g. accident, theft or damage to the van) you must do the following:
Inform the Police immediately and obtain an Incident or Crime Number. Notify us as soon as you possibly can. Obtain names, addresses, contact telephone numbers of all third parties and witnesses and Van registration numbers of all third parties and supply them when you call. Take photographs if possible.